Easy Foods That Boost Your Metabolism

Specific foods you can eat can give your body a temporary boost to it’s metabolism. Although these are not replacements for exercise and loosing weight, they can help you burn calories during the day.

  1. Whole grain cereals and oats

Eat breakfast and your metabolism can jump by up to 10%. When you don’t eat, your body enters ‘starvation mode’ and holds on to it’s fat. Eating whole grains and oats (like oatmeal) gives your body complex carbohydrates that your body doesn’t ‘overreact‘ to like simple sugars. In short, you give your body good stuff that keeps it ‘chewing’ on it’s food, without the sudden blood-sugar drop that causes cravings.

  1. Hot peppers

This is almost so simple to be unbelievable! The chemical (Capsaicin) that gives hot peppers their heat can also boost your metabolism by speeding up your heart rate, and the effect lasts for hours. A study from Canada showed that men who ate coffee and pepper-based snacks and meals were able to burn almost 1000 calories more a day!

  1. Get your Caffeine!

Again, simple stuff here. Caffeine speeds up your heart rate, thus helping you burn a few more calories. Further, studies show that caffeine increases your body requirements for oxygen, directly impacting your metabolism. The trick is, we tend to not drink black coffee, so the sugars, caramel, and milk we add all add more calories than the caffeine helps us burn! Keep it simple and black, and your morning cup of Joe can help you loose weight.

  1. Meat

Proteins give your body something to work to break down, and help you feel fuller faster and longer. Thus, you eat less and burn more calories along the way. Chose lean meats – pork, turkey, etc. – and eat in moderation and let your diet help you.

  1. Fish

Specifically omega-3 fatty acids. Your body has a hormone called Leptin (you may have seen it mentioned in any number of infomercials). Low levels of Leptin cause your metabolism to raise. Eating fish like Salmon provides you with healthy Omega-3 fatty acids which lower Leptin levels – thus helping you burn more calories. Or, like me, take a fish oil supplement in the morning!

Like many things related to Healthy Weight Loss, common sense, moderation, and a little bit of knowledge can help you and your exercise routine maximize your results. Eat smart and Healthy and see the results sooner!