Hibiscus Tea Health Benefits And Side Effects

You might be surprised to discover the many organic hibiscus tea health benefits. I know I was. I have included just some of them below.

Some studies have shown that hibiscus tea lowers blood pressure. It’s the main ingredient in red zinger teas. What’s great about this is that it grows in the US so you can grow your own blood pressure medicine. The study was conducted by giving 54 people who had the malady 10 ounces of the tea for 12 days. It was found to decrease hypertension by 10 percent.

Two studies actually did testing against typical blood pressure meds.

One test showed tea worked just as well as the meds. In this study tea was administered once a day (10 grams of crushed hibiscus flowers which is about 5 teaspoons in 1 to 2 cups of water. Within 4 weeks their blood pressure had dropped by 11%.

Another study used hibiscus flowers in capsule form. In 4 weeks the results between those who took hibiscus and those taking meds were almost identical. 15% reduction for those with meds and 123% for those ingesting hibiscus. Talk about health benefits!

Dr. Mercola Discusses Hibiscus Tea and Why You Need to Stop Drinking Soda

“The natural health doctor, Dr. Joseph Mercola, discusses hibiscus tea and the answer to one of his favorite questions to ask: “What is the single, most powerful step that someone knew that natural medicine can take to make phenomenal improvements in your health?” The answer is to stop drinking soda and replace it with pure, clean water.”

How are the health benefits of hibiscus tea happening? First it has diuretic properties. It also opens up the arteries, letting blood flow rather than constricting it. And it inhibits the hormones that constrict blood vessels.

You’ll also find that hibiscus tea boosts our immune systems and gives us antioxidants.

Some say you need only one teaspoon, some say 5 teaspoons of the flower in a cup of boiling water, steeped for five to ten minutes. I would recommend taking your blood pressure and writing it down before you start this regime. Also regularly take it and test your blood pressure in an hour to see if there has been a change. This way you can see what dose works best for you.

Obviously check with your doctor before using this medicinally. You may also want to see the hibiscus tea health benefits Dr. oz mentions. Click here for that.

Other hibiscus herbal tea health benefits

Hibiscus tea has also been known to help the following health problems:

  • High Cholesterol – Hibiscus tea health benefits cholesterol, because the tea lowers LDL cholesterol levels, and prevents the build up of plaque on arterial walls. This lowers cholesterol.
  • The Common Cold – the tea is loaded with Vitamin C. It can help prevent the common cold, the flu, and infection illness.Be sure and drink it when you first feel the problems onset.
  • Heals Open Wounds – the high Vitamin C content helps would heal quickly.
  • Aging – high in antioxidants, this tea helps prevent aging by getting rid of free radicals.
  • Weight Loss – hibiscus tea health benefits of weight loss are well known. It’s a natural appetite suppressant. By just drinking a cup each day you will eat less, and eating less leads to weight loss. Additionally this tea slows fat absorption so you are burning more fat than storing it. It also acts as a diuretic which will flush toxins from your system while you are dieting and make sure you do not have water weight or bloating.
  • Laxative – It produces a mild laxative effect. Also helpful when dieting to remove toxins and impurities.
  • Depression – an 8 ounce cup of hibiscus tea can improve mood swings. Helps treat anxiety.
  • Cancer – Some studies show that hibiscus tea benefits us by preventing pre-cancerous cells that will eventually cause cancer from gowing.
  • Heart Disease – those drinking 14 cups or more a day had a much lower chance of a repeat heart attack.
  • Diabetes and Liver Disease – Both types of diabetes are benefited by hibiscus tea. The antioxidants help clean the liver.

Hibiscus Tea Side Effects

One thing to consider when adding anything to your routine, especially for health reasons, is to consider the side effects. Just what are the side effects of organic, herbal hibiscus tea?

Hibiscus tea can lower your hormone levels which is bad for pregnant women and those getting fertility treatments. Because of this estrogen can be lowered and can cause menstruation, or miscarriage. If you are undergoing hormone replacements including birth control pills stay away from this tea. And it’s not just the women either. It can decrease male fertility as well.

Another side effect of hibiscus tea is for those who already have low blood pressure. The tea is known to lower your blood pressure, so if yours is already low – don’t drink it!

It can also cause drowsiness. So, be smart and don’t “drink and drive” until you know how the tea effects you.

Another side effect mentioned by some is hallucinations. Again, don’t “drink and drive” until you know about this possible effect.

There are also some medicines that do not play well with this tea. Pain meds for one. And meds taken for the central nervous system like antidepressants, anticonvulsants and sedatives. Be sure and check this out with your doctor, okay? Also, if you are taking meds for cancer you don’t want to drink this tea regularly. It can reverse the effects of the meds.

Please note that typically hibiscus tea is red hibiscus. There are many other types, and their side effects and benefits are not as well studied. Be sure you are drinking organic red hibiscus herbal tea.